Friday, December 14, 2007

Deb from watermelon patch's Christmas present

Hello everyone, sorry I have been very busy trying to get things ready for school. Yes thats right I am going back to school. Wish me luck.

Last year my 2 best friends and I decide we were going to do a needleroll, and a bell pull for our christmas exchange that we have done for a few years now. well this year one of my so called friends decided to send me a nasty email. I do have to let ya know for the past 5 to 6 years I have put up with this crap from her. well this time i didn't. I forward that email to my best friend, and to let you know she was already PO'ed at her. needless to say we both had enough. I email the girl back and to let you know I was not nice about it. I told her I was all done, and did not want nothing more to do with her. so this exchange is still going on between My best friend and I. I have a picture of her Bell Pull But not the needle roll. The Needle roll is a surprise. I just had to keep something from her. HEHEHE

ok so here is her Bell Pull.
now I can get my other things that I have posted to work on.

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Debs said...

It is just beautiful. :D

an award from my sis

an award from my sis
I had it a while and forgot to put it up on my blogger Thank you sis

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